Handicapped Biker


I spotted this bike parked up in the gold country near Mokelumne Hill. Mokelumne is a historic gold rush town; one of those places that in 1847 had ten people in it and by 1848 had 12,000 people in it. Well, now it is about the size of Boonville with a little over 700 people in it.

It is a fun place to visit in the summer. I’ve stayed in the old Hotel Leger a few times which has a decent restaurant and a good sized swimming pool. There is a huge old stone building up the street with a bar owned by a rock’n roll star. Inside there is a big old coke machine. Except if you open the front of the machine it is actually a secret door to a room with a pool table.

This motorcycle with the handicap plate was sitting outside one of those restaurants. I waited around to see if its owner would show up so I could learn how a biker earns a plate of this type, but I couldn’t wait long enough to find out.

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