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Excitement In Yorkville

Friday, December 19th, 2008

I pulled over on Sunday as I was driving to Cloverdale to snap this photo of the snow covering the hills east of Yorkville. As I stopped it occurred to me that I had been in this place before.

The little building on the right side of the road used to be a tavern. The owner was a lady who also tended bar. When we were looking to buy some beer in my AV High School years, this was one of the two places that would serve us. The other was a similar place in Comptche.

We would usually send in just one of our group to buy a case of beer. It was winter and we were bored. It was also the weekend, and by passing the hat were could scrounge up what might have been about five dollars, a small price to pay for enough fuel to energize an otherwise dull evening.

Any adult might well have questioned the wisdom of such adventures. We were breaking numerous laws and we were endangering our lives. Yet, it all felt worth it. Worth the risk. Mostly because it was exciting and there was not a lot exciting in our lives.