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My Sincere Apologies

Friday, October 31st, 2008

The following post was sent to apparently in response to a post by Turkey Vulture. I am publishing it for the poster since it appeared in the drafts section and I believe he meant to publish it.


My name is Jim Ball, and I just read your post of 9/10 about my property across from Goldeneye.

I’m sorry if the sign offends you – I intended to thank the trades who worked so hard to build the winery. (We chose local trades who could do the job – and I employ all local – Boonville and Elk – people for my winery work. The Chicagoans hired to do carpentry are good and honorable tradesmen who would otherwise be out of work because of the severe building depression in the Midwest, and I wanted to help them and their lovely families get back on their feet.) I’m not crazy about the looks of the sign either – it was made by a local sign maker/artist who wanted and needed the work, and it is temporary (until about 10/15).

I don’t take water from the Creek although I have rights – I use only well and surface run off water, and have a reclamation system to re-use what I have already used. I have done everything I can to respect and protect the environment in the building of this project and systems installed. I don’t know if I’m related to J.D. Ball as I have tried to tell everyone – I don’t intend to ride anyone’s coat tails or step on anyone’s history. I have personally spoken to J.D. Ball’s descendants, and they know I make no claims on their heritage here. I am really trying to become a member of the community – I do everything I can to respect the property, the rights of others and the heritage and people of the community. I have donated to local causes, and I intend to continue to do so, without recognition but with respect for others’ needs. I tried to build a set of small buildings that paid homage to the style of the barns in the valley that have existed for years – I spent a lot of time photographing them and working with an architect to not spoil anyone’s view. I do not intend to appear immodest – in fact, I hope to be very inconspicuous.

Hot Rod Mailbox

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Saw this mailbox recently out near Clayton, Ca. This is an old town first explored by the Spaniards in the 1770’s. It still has a small “old town” about the size of Philo. All this area is in the shadow of Mt. Diablo and is quite rural. It is however, interspersed with housing tracts.

The area is also lousy with boomer hot rod buffs, thus the custom mailbox.