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Santa’s Harley

Thursday, December 27th, 2007


My neighbor maintains that Santa arrived on a Harley yesterday.  I am convinced that St. Nick, having originated in Western Europe, would more likely have arrived on a BMW motorbike.

In either case we were both glad to see he did not forget Boonville.


Trip To The Woodshed

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Pumphouse copy.jpg

I am planning a remodel to my pump house. This new building will enclose my holding tank, pressure tank, well head, and the control system that Jeff Pugh designed for me. This set-up pumps for five minutes every two hours from either of two wells.

Since I also need more storage, a wood shed and some under cover area for a truck and other stuff, I am going to design a new building for all of it. The above photo represents the view from the house of the current design.

It kind of looks like I built a giant model out of cardboard. Actually, I made a two foot by two foot model out of cardboard and then, did a little photo hacking. I did the mock-up just to see what it will look like in context. A lot of the detail is missing but this is only what they call a massing model.

A few more tweaks and I should be happy with it.


Wooden Boats

Thursday, December 6th, 2007


This is a picture I took one day when I rented a cabin on the beach at Lake Tahoe. I had heard about this boat. It’s the Thunderbird, and Bill Harrah owned it. He bought it from George Whittell, a reclusive millionaire who owned most of Tahoe’s east shore at the time and had a huge estate on Lake Tahoe. Harrah bought it sometime in the 1960’s after Whittell’s death.

I was sitting on the sandy beach in front of our cabin and I saw this beauty coming across the Lake. I jumped up and ran to get a shot. It was in service as a fancy commuter boat when I was there. Recently, it has been for sale at a little more than two million. It is said to be one of the most valuable “wooden boats” in the world.

I remember reading that Harrah’s people hauled it somewhere on a semi-truck and trailer and sheared the top off when going under a low underpass. Imagine telling the boss (Harrah) about that.

Anyway, I also remember seeing this and other great wooden boats at Lake Tahoe when I was a kid.

Well, they are still there and if you get the chance, go see the wooden boat show at Tahoe sometime. They even have some showrooms with antique wooden boats on display and for sale. Quite a treat.

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